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Brincando De Matar Monstros.pdf




Brincando De Matar Monstros.pdf d31cf15d6b epub, brincando de matar monstros brincando de matar monstros livro, brincando de matar m. Brincando De Matar Monstros.pdf 1e80d4611b brincando de matar monstros ebook brincando de matar monstros brincando de matar monstros book pdf, Not a lot of things would please the Kerns family. Maybe the chance to take a dirt road out to the wheat fields of their hometown. That, however, was not what they were looking for. Or even the chance to stop. What they wanted was their one-year-old daughter, Brianna, back. If it wasn't for an unusual accident, they would still be separated. Last month, a man walking his dog in a Minnetonka neighborhood came across what he thought was a body in the snow. It turned out to be Brianna. The Kerns, now living in Naperville, Ill., were told that she had been in a head-on collision. They never found out that she had been alive for the last 18 months. One of Brianna's fingernails had grown into the side of a cement-block wall. Brianna was in the backseat. She was wearing a coat and a new pair of pink shoes. Brianna's eyes were open. But her tongue was swollen and she had an X-ray that revealed two broken ribs, "probable fractures of the right orbital wall and zygomatic arch," along with a broken jaw. "She was in a terrible, terrible accident," said her father, Ralph Kerns. Brianna had gone sledding with some friends. They went down a hill behind the Kerns' house, down the middle of the road, past a school and over a fence into someone's backyard. It wasn't until they arrived at the bottom of the hill that she went down. "She slid all the way down," said Kerns. "She hit the cement wall. It was terrible." Brianna was a little girl. She was adorable. She had blonde hair and big blue eyes. She was also hyperactive. "She was the perfect child," said Kerns. "



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Brincando De Matar Monstros.pdf

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